Most people who seek counselling support are going through an emotional crisis or have something specific that they want to work on finding a solution to. 

Some people use Counselling as a way to learn more about themselves, to understand how they have become the person they have or for Personal Development.
Counselling can offer you a confidential, safe space at a regular time during which you can talk to a trained professional about whatever is causing you concern at the time.

By challenging your thought processes and beliefs a Counsellor is able to help you to identify what is outdated and how you can make the necessary changes.

This process is by no means easy.  More often than not it will involve talking about situations and relationships, both past and present, which may cause pain and distress.

In my experience, the benefits to Counselling far outweigh the downsides and the people I see that make the most lasting changes to their lives are those who are brave enough to be open and honest about what is going on for them both within the Counselling Room and between sessions.

Many professionals use Counselling Skills in order to carry out their jobs (eg. Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Social Workers). However, these professionals are not always trained as Counsellors so may be unable to offer the same helping relationship that a qualified Counsellor can offer.

  • a unique, confidential, helping relationship
  • a process of self-discovery
  • a regular time, set aside for you, to talk about what you want to with a trained professional
  • an opportunity to talk about your life in general to someone independent and non-judgemental
  • a commitment of time and effort


  • help with a range of emotional concerns
  • help someone to find the words to describe how they are feeling
  • help someone who wants to change any part of their life
  • empower an individual to regain control of any aspect of their life which is currently giving them difficulty


  • being told or advised what to do
  • a friendship
  • a quick or easy fix

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